Belfast- 19 UFOs Spotted Lower Lisburn Rd

UFOs Captured by male witness on the Lower Lisburn Rd Belfast

UFO Photo Capture

This is the original and unedited photo taken by a male witness on the Lower Lisburn Rd Belfast Northern Ireland.


This capture was photographed on an Apple Mobile Phone on August 12th 2022.

The objects had been spotted in the skies above the Lower Lisburn Rd area of the town on a clear cloudless day. The objects had been seen at 11:29am that morning.

When asked for more information on the sighting including direction of flight the witness said…

“It was hard to tell as they were almost straight above. But that camera angle is facing slightly N/NE (Lisburn Road heading toward Bradbury Pl). They didn’t seem static but hard to give a direction, almost bobbing in place.

Public Request for Information

We ask anyone from the Lower Lisburn Road and even the wider Belfast metropolitan area to help Sky Sightings NI track down other witnesses that would like to share their sighting of these objects. If you can help, please E-Mail or us the contact form


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