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Sky Sightings NI  is a UFO / UAP seeking & video capture sharing website, That provides live streaming of the northern ireland sky in the hope of finding new UFO / UAP captures day and night and create videos of my findings. I also accept public submissions of UFO/UAP videos and in some cases create videos for social media from them.

Sky Sightings NI  is located in Belfast. Belfast is located north of the irish border, and to the west of the UK Mainland

I can be contacted via the contact form on the Sky Sightings NI websites contact page or via social media.

You can visit me on social media Sky Sightings NI has profiles on Twitter YouTube and TikTok

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Live Chat is available to Members of the Sky Sightings NI Website. All registered users are automatically given access to this feature. This feature is to report sightings spotted on the Live Streams and general UFO Chat!