Unknown Ariel Phenomenon Reports



Name of witness: Anonymous

Location County / Town: In-between Tyrella and Ballykinlar

Date of Sighting: Friday 14th August 2022

Time of Sighting: 02:00 am

Duration of sighting: 2 Minutes

Other Witnesses: 2 other people

Photos / Videos Submitted: No Photos or Videos Submitted

Size and shape of the object observed: Elongated tic tac shape. Not sure of size. Below low cloud.

Did the object emit sound: No, it was silent.

Did the object emit light: Dimly lit from within, whitish colour.

Other information you would like to submit: I and two others were outside at the beach and had spent the evening watching the Perseid meteor shower. At around 2am, the tic tac appeared over the sea, coming inland and went right over the house and headed over Tyrella beach and towards Downpatrick. Its nose was pointed down at a 45-degree angle, but it flew straight. It seemed to disappear into some low cloud. A few minutes before a whole field of cows had started to moo and we had been looking round trying to figure why.

Name of witness: Anonymous

Location County / Town: Newtownards – Co-Down

Date of Sighting: Friday 23rd September 2022

Time of Sighting: 20.26 and 22.17 pm

Duration of sighting: (Please see description)

Other Witnesses: Friend

Photos / Videos Submitted: Videos and Photos

Size and shape of the object observed: Round sliver sphere, with and orange segment on its side. It just sat in the sky

Did the object emit sound: Zero sound

Did the object emit light: Predominantly bright white like of star quality but more intense!

Other information you would like to submit: The first sighting I seen I was at the pumps at Tesco, N’Ards and could see what looked like a very bright but low star! It was making slight movement which is what caught my attention! I didn’t stay long as I needed to finish my errands! On returning home I notice another very bright & low object East of my property! It moved more aggressively from east to a south east position as I filmed it then slowly headed exactly towards my direction! This is the one that is on camera. There were 4 (approx) dimmer lights literally dancing in the sky which my phone could not pick up on doing an almost diamond pattern! A trail of pure white light went past also and faded away from a bright white light to nothing!

Additional Information: I have seen “objects” consistently of late during starry nights! I look up a lot and to the less observant there are stars and that is it! However, the movement, colouration and behaviour of what I have seen cannot be a star or any other objects I am familiar with! I can recall seeing similar object(s) positioned on the horizon of Scrabo Tower and thought my eyes were playing tricks 15+ years ago!



Location County / Town: Banbridge Co-Down

Date of Sighting: 30th April 2022

Time of Sighting: 00:05 am

Witnesses: Anonymous Male

Relationship to Witness: NA

Photos / Videos Submitted: Photo

Description: A glowing orb passed from SSE to NNW for approximately 5 minutes. The orb had a point of light at the centre. It was difficult to determine its altitude, but it did appear to deviate from a straight course and slow down/stop at times. Nothing like a satellite or meteor.

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