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Name of witness: Anonymous

Location County / Town: Drumsurn, Limavady

Date of Sighting: 14th December 2022

Time of Sighting: 7.00pm

Duration of sighting: 30 seconds

Other Witnesses: Son

Photos / Videos Submitted: Not Provided

Size and shape of the object observed: Triangle 3 lights it seemed quite large

Did the object emit sound: Maybe (no other aircraft registered to be in the area at the time, witness unsure if the object was source of the sound they could hear)

Did the object emit light: Yes, it had 3 lights one on each tail to make a triangle

Other information: Seen this type of aircraft tonight about 7.00pm UK time in Limavady Northern Ireland. I was out side with my sons playing in the snow and we heard a plane and I said look up and see if we can see it as the sky was clear I couldn’t see the normal flashing lights of a normal jet plane but we did see one light well looked like a star as it was kind of same shape and size of the stars then it moved across the sky but then I noticed 2 more stars going at the same speed and it was triangle shape and it looked big from where I could see it and my son seen it also it had a sound of a propeller plane if that makes sense but was moving slowly in the sky.

I ran in to get my phone but the time I got out it seemed to disappear but I could just hear than propeller sound and no more in the distance and was starting to cloud over I checked air traffic app on my phone within a minute or 2 but no planes showed up around were we where I have always heard about this type of craft but first time, I seen it and I am not blind I seen and heard it with my ears and eyes.

Whether the plane sound was coming from this I am not 100% sure

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