Name of witness: Rebecca Stapleton
Location County / Town: Coalville
Date of Sighting: 23 September 2022
Time of Sighting: 8:30 pm
Duration of sighting: About 10 seconds
Other Witnesses: N/A
Photos / Videos Submitted: N/A

Size and shape of the object observed: Was white can’t tell the shape but it was like a catapult it sort of shooter then stalled and then did it again but it was so quick

Did the object emit sound: No as too far away

Did the object emit light: Yes, after it catapulted

Other information you would like to submit: seen an unidentified aerial phenomenon…pulsating light, catapulting across the sky…higher than a plane and supersonic….




Name of witness: Anonymous
Location County / Town: Hertford, England, Sweet Briar, Welwyn Garden City
Date of Sighting: July 23rd 2011
Time of Sighting: 12:10 am
Duration of sighting: 2 to 3 minutes but seemed longer
Other Witnesses: Husband and other family members
Photos / Videos Submitted: N/A

Size and shape of the object observed: Huge disc shaped object, reflective metal, it was glowing like fire ember’s underneath

Did the object emit sound: No sound, completely silent

Did the object emit light: No light apart from glowing amber colour that looked like fire embers

Other information you would like to submit: Myself, Husband, and my Cousin and her Partner where standing in the back garden having a cigarette before bed. My hubby has a habit of always looking up when outdoors, my cousin’s partner commented that surely he didn’t believe in UFOs. That’s when he spotted it and told us to look. It was huge, at least a football field size object. It slowly moved above us and over the house heading west. All 4 of us stood there in sheer shock. I personally couldn’t move from the spot with fear. The closet I’ve ever seen something that big. It wasn’t of this world.

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