Ariel Phenomenon Reports

Name of witness: Colm Dunne
Location County / Town: Sligo town, Rathbraughan
Date of Sighting: October 29th
Time of Sighting: Not provided
Duration of sighting: 28th 29th October and has been going on most nights

Other Witnesses: N/A

Photos / Videos Submitted: N/A

Size and shape of the object observed: Don’t want to sound mad, but I think in couple pics and vids it looks like a craft when I zoom in, others I seen big light with things coming through them, portal maybe but I’ll send all I have please let me know what you think, best regards

Did the object emit sound: No Silent

Did the object emit light: Some did Some didn’t

Other information you would like to submit: It seems like it’s every night. Starting to become normal, can get a response sometimes if you take a pic of it with a flash and within 5 seconds if will go pulsate to 50 times its size with blinding light also going to send this afterwards mine and the neighbours garden were the only ones glowing red I’ll also send, I don’t know maybe it’s natural but remember feeling an empty feeling or a feeling it’s not something good, maybe I’m crazy

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