UFO Sighting of Disk Shaped Craft Belfast 2022

Video Named: Unknown Object 14

UFO Sighting

Unknown Object 14 – UFO / UAP Sighting July 2022

This is the original and unedited recording used in the video named Unknown Object 14 that has been posted onto social media. 



This capture was recorded in July 2022. One of many UFO captures over the skies of Belfast this month.

The object in this video can be seen moving from the top of the screen in a southern direction. The object observed is disk shaped. Moving slowly accorss the Belfast sky and seen to change course and head in a completely different direction. 

When using filters on the video your able to see a black circular hole with in the center of the craft (see the following videoVideo 14)

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Thanks for watching, Enjoy the video.


Image Taken from video 14 (Screenshot of Disk Shaped Craft)


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